Thursday, July 2, 2009

A Long Day on the Road...

We made it! First of all, thank you Lord for letting us all arrive here safely without any true break-downs. (We had one minor bus problem that got fixed while we ate our dinner.) The real memories are made when you ride 10+ hours on a bus making new friends and deepening the relationships with ones you already have. Andrew and I are so proud of the way the “first-timers” have jumped right in without missing a beat. Please continue to pray for our safety and that your babies would be open to what God has in-store for them this weekend. Don’t worry Mom, no tears today. I can say with confidence everyone has enjoyed themselves. See for yourself…

Decisions, Decisions, Dad's Money, Lots of Chocolate~

Pray for us Sponsors. Middle Schoolers + Energy Drinks = Help!
Waiting in line to go Potty!

Rules from Andrew!

We love our Parents!

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